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          2023-5-23 11:25| 發布者:cphoto| 查看:3360| 評論:0|來自: 珠海市外事局


          The 3rd “Friendship around the World” Zhuhai Painting Competition



          "Friendship around the World” Zhuhai Painting Competition is a brand event initiated by Zhuhai Foreign Affairs Office in 2020 against the backdrop of COVID-19. The event is committed to enhancing the exchanges and nurturing the friendship between youngsters from Zhuhai and its international friendship cities and friendly exchange cities. The event provides a cultural and artistic exchange platform for young people home and abroad to transcend the geographical boundaries and language barriers with their paintbrushes, and serves as a bridge of friendship that enhances understanding and exchanges between the young.


          The 3rd “Friendship Around the World” Zhuhai Painting Competition, kicked off in 2022, was co-hosted by Zhuhai Foreign Affairs Office, Zhuhai Education Bureau, Zhuhai Federation of Literary and Art Circles, Macao Policy Research and Regional Development Bureau and Macao Education and Youth Development Bureau. With the theme of “Colorful World”, it encouraged teenagers to convey the imagination and blessings to the world with their paintbrushes. Teenagers from Braunschweig (Germany), Suwon (ROK), Blagoveshchensk, Nizhni Novgorod, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk (Russia), along with Chinese cities of Zhuhai, Macao, and Heihe submitted over 1600 artworks. After professional evaluation by the Jury Committee, 55 artworks for Excellent Awards and nearly 600 for Selected Awards have been selected. In this exhibition, 52 artworks for Excellent Awards are exhibited.


          “A single flower does not make spring while one hundred flowers in full blossom bring spring to the garden.”Diversity spurs interaction among civilizations, which in turn promotes mutual learning and their further development. Let’s enjoy the“Colorful World”in the paintings by the youngsters from home and abroad.

          優秀作品欣賞Award Images


          The world of Ant Losing the queen(沒有蟻后的螞蟻世界)  LEE SOOHYUN   Suwon, ROK

          The world of insects in the forest(森林里多彩的昆蟲世界)  OH YOONSEO   Suwon, ROK

          Welcome to the World of the Spider(我眼中的昆蟲世界)  YOO JIA   Suwon, ROK

          What will bees do when spring comes(春天蜜蜂采蜜忙)  KIM DAEUN   Suwon, ROK


          腦海中的世界(The world in your head) Juno Braunschweig, Germany


          Blagoveshchensk meets friends(找到朋友)  Nikolaeva Diana   Blagoveshchensk, Russia

          Sport is lifestyle(運動是一種生活方式)  Mirlas Emilia   Blagoveshchensk, Russia

          The connecting friends river(友誼之河)  Solovieva Nadezhda   Blagoveshchensk, Russia


          At the intersection(在十字路口)  Zlobina Ekaterina   Nizhny Novgorod, Russia

          In a small town(在小鎮中)  Peskova Anastasiya   Nizhny Novgorod, Russia

          Nizhny Novgorod(下諾夫哥羅德)  Agadjanyan Sevak   Nizhny Novgorod, Russia

          The old street in Nizhny Novgorod(下諾夫哥羅德的古街)  Markus Elizaveta   Nizhny Novgorod, Russia


          Evening Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk(南薩哈林斯克之夜)  Kostenko Arina   Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Russia

          Goodness Fair(善之集市)Glinka Ekaterina   Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Russia

          My mood(我的心情)  Chernenko Veronica   Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Russia


          澳門游蹤(Footprints in Macao)  黃庭山   Macao, China

          繽紛色彩盡顯八景(Colorful New Eight Scenic Spots in Macao)  李珀豪   Macao, China

          彩繪新八景(Colorful Drawing of New Eight Scenic Spots in Macao)  曹嘉慧   Macao, China

          街邊回憶(Memories of the Street)  黃銘渝   Macao, China


          多彩世界 共同成長(Grow up together in the Colorful World)  李謹嫻   Heihe, China

          多彩世界(Colorful World)  馬德禮   Heihe, China

          多彩世界(Colorful World)  周宏軒   Heihe, China


          白衣天使(Angels in White)  楊嘉佩   Zhuhai, China

          曾經的故事(Stories of the Past)  陳詩逾   Zhuhai, China

          茶點(Tea Refreshments)  陳可欣   Zhuhai, China

          多彩世界 幸福珠海(Colorful World, Happy Zhuhai)  楊楚睿   Zhuhai, China

          奪冠時刻(Moment of Winning)  方慧   Zhuhai, China

          豐收(Harvest)  毛梓渝   Zhuhai, China

          鼓號鏗鏘同心同行(Strides with Unity)  木佳琪   Zhuhai, China

          海上漁港(Fishery Port)  楊雅詩   Zhuhai, China

          歡唱祖國(Ode to the Motherland)  陳賢樂   Zhuhai, China

          歡度春節(Celebrating Spring Festival)  桂婷婷   Zhuhai, China

          家(Home)  賴潔   Zhuhai, China

          家鄉藍圖(Blueprint for Hometown)  李夢瑤   Zhuhai, China

          蓮藕之鄉(Home to Lotus Roots)  朱錦園   Zhuhai, China

          龍兒競渡(Dragon Boat Racing)  何云朵   Zhuhai, China

          美麗珠海,魅力澳門(Beautiful Zhuhai, Charming Macao)  余若萌   Zhuhai, China

          魅力家鄉(Charming Hometown)  余夢涵   Zhuhai, China

          民間水上婚嫁(On-Water Wedding Ceremony)  梁馨允   Zhuhai, China

          民族娃娃(Children of Ethnic Groups)  賓雪瑤   Zhuhai, China

          農家樂(Agritainment)  梁韜   Zhuhai, China

          農家樂(Agritainment)  謝靜   Zhuhai, China

          拼搏(Strive)  李欣霖   Zhuhai, China

          同氣連枝,共盼春來(Hope for the Spring to Come soon)  林曉均   Zhuhai, China

          退休后的精彩生活(Colorful Life after Retirement)  黎于琪   Zhuhai, China

          萬眾一心,戰“疫”必勝(United, We Can Win the Battle against COVID-19)  陳思銘   Zhuhai, China

          五十六個民族(56 Ethnic Groups)  江楚瑜   Zhuhai, China

          夕陽之歌(Song of Sunset)  黃榮朝   Zhuhai, China

          幸福家園(Happy Homeland)  涂俊   Zhuhai, China

          一脈同源,龍的傳人(Descendants of the Dragon)  卓少瑜   Zhuhai, China

          漁(Fishing)  陶子軒   Zhuhai, China

          漁港之春(Fishery Port in Spring)  鄧知鑫   Zhuhai, China





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